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Food for criticism, thought, inspiration…


A video we had to watch and comment on in one of the classes. Pretty exciting.

I had a “visionary” idea tonight:

Can you imagine, if Google applied its Earth’s “Street view” approach to the best museums in the world, so that you could walk around the most famed museums virtually and look at pieces on your own screen without actually going to the museum physically?! The museums would get reimbursed by the ads places sneakily on every page, and promoted by some sort of “Google Maps business-integration” system, where you have ads and reviews for businesses right there on the map. This way you personally don’t have to pay anything and can see Mona Lisa right on your HD LED-screen. Now how cool would that be?!

Guess what – Done! – the Google’s Art Project. A while ago, actually.. (Hence a lesson: always check for things, guess where – ┬áin Google! – before you proudly claim that something is your own original idea, only to find later that it’s already been conceived, worked out and implemented!)

The “Art Project” makes me wonder, however:

How much more delirious can we get?

Now that Google has totally eradicated any (rational) necessity for (architectural) “site visits”, and even traveling, by their “Earth” platform, we don’t any longer have to go to museums neither!

Hip-hip hooray to the omni-encompassing Digital domain!

Are museums and galleries as an architectural typology, so beloved by show-off’y architects, bound for extinction? Why not! “What is art anyway and why does it need so much space, effort and resources to keep up? Digitize it all!”

… Right?

I have a feeling (and I bet I’m not the only one) that with its take-over-the-web-world developments and additions, Facebook is becoming the clone of Windows operating system in a certain way..

Just like Windows, Facebook will grow exponentially and take over the net. It will become our total gateway into the web-world, our web-identity. We will not need any yahoo or gmail, cause Facebook is incorporating those as its messaging system. Neither will we need any blogs, as we have Facebook Notes, nor Picassas. Everythingwill be on Facebook.

Just like Windows, Facebook fools people into believing that itself is all they need. 95% of computers run on Windows, but it does not necessarily mean it is because it is the best one – it’s simply supporting the most applications.. With time people will understand that, and Facebook will fail just like Windows is struggling now. Or any other monopoly/autocracy/dictatorship. There will be a “Mac” for Facebook and it will be exciting to see, who it will be! (Geeks reading this – take notes!)

All this will not necessarily happen, but the trend is way too obvious not to see..

In relation to self-healing buildings -> “Polymer Could Create Self-Healing Aircraft” from WIRED

image from - Auto Zone: Cars News and Reviews

Now this is more like it – exactly what I am thinking about! (Check out the post “Where are the Breakthroughs!?“) Well done, Mercedes-Benz – at least one company has an ability to truly DREAM! An Organic car with exhaust of Oxygen… How cool is that?

This is what I see for architecture too. Not only me, though, have to acknowledge. But yes, this is it! – Future in the making. Way to go!

I’m buying one! When I’m 40…

Check it out! Mercedes-Benz BIOME Concept LA 2010

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