Bird's eye view of Tokyo City

To understand and control the modern city like Mumbay or Tokyo (above), one needs to give up any hope of being able to “Design” or “Plan” a city. That time is over. A modern (mega) city needs to be controlled from a different level, one or two above the “Masterplan” approach, which has lost all relevance by now. The new level is the one of “programming”, scripting and making use of a “error”; letting the city generate itself with just some minor “pinches” from your side.

And this is how conventional “Urban Planning” dies…

“Living in the Endless City”


Discussing why programmers call themselves architects and why architects take up C++. An inquiry into the relation of today’s Architecture and Programming.


I am an architect – by profession, way of thinking, architecture of my mind. When someone else takes the term “Architect” from the context and calls himself that, I ask a pretty legitimate question – why? For some reason, everybody wants to be an architect. There are architects of legislations, software architects and all other sorts of architects. In this essay I shall look specifically at the relation of software architects and architects. Why do they use the term and what does it mean when they acquire it? We shall also look at why the trend is mutual – more and more architects tend to become programmers – and what this trend means for architecture. (more…)