Back in the days when Virtual Reality was still new and hip, Internet looked very different too. Take a look at this scene from “Johnny Mnemonic”:

I guess, back in the days of early cyberpunk the space of the Internet was visualized as an actual SPACE, so reminiscent of our urban space. The ease and speed of navigation in that space might have been a bit worse, but the “architecture” of it was just über-cool, don’t you think? In that Space it was still you, who moved towards a web-page, not the page that moved towards you. Thus, I assume the experience of “browsing” was totally different and was closer to flight.

I bet that space would have run into all the same spatial issues, as our real space does (like: how do you grow effectively and not end up on the outskirts? – literally). Would it have allowed for such randomness of inquiries and links, and the lightning-fast “hopping” from point A to point D, to point R as the current Internet allows? I don’t think so. It’s exactly the a-spatiality of the modern Internet that allows for its speed.

Nevertheless, the Internet of the 90’s looked awesome! May-be beef-up the graphics just a bit, but that’s about it..

Long live cyberpunk!


For those, who’re interested, some materials about “Inception” – the most architectural movie of them all!

I know I’m late, but have you seen “the Expendables”. Here’s a  trailer for you:

An Englishman,

an ethnic Italian,

a Norwegian,

an Austrian,

a Chinese,

and an American

all fighting together against the bad guys (a Hispanic, who isn’t that bad after all, and an American – a true bad-ass). Wow! A truly multicultural shooter! (I hope you do sense the irony)