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Past Shock


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Food for criticism, thought, inspiration…

Currently we have telephones we have to hold in hands and computers we need to carry around in our backpacks. Smartphones integrated these devices pretty well, but are still missing some functionality. With advances like the 6th sense of Pranav Mistry, we will get technology closer to our body and be able to have it with us all the time.


However, let’s imagine just a bit further than that.

The next logical step, after wearing one gadget that combines all in one, will be the microchip. Computers are getting smaller and smaller and we are not even half-way yet to how small but efficient things can get. The chip will be wired to all your senses through a direct connection to your brain and will contain not only all the information about yourself, but grant you access to all the world’s information (and vice versa – see all the 20th century movie dystopias for reference) instantly. You will not need any more gadgets – just one chip and you will have Google and Wiki and your bank account and all of it right there – underneath your skull. You will be able to visualize it all, again, by a direct connection to the brain – the chip will fool the brain into seeing something that is not there (nothing new..) Thanks to the chip, you will have enhanced memory and will be able to access all the information about yourself, ever recorded, without much effort. The chip will be your iPod and telephone and everything else you are using now as separate gadgets outside your body, all in one. No more pockets full of gadgetry – in fact, no more pockets at all – what for? – your key will be your retinal pattern and physical money will not be necessary any more anyways..

However, with the advances of genetics and biology, which is slowly but steadily creeping to become the next “main” science, all the technology will stop being metal and become organic instead. The servers will be composed of living tissue, feeding on information and thus growing when there is a lot of “food” and dieing off when there is little. Computer “hardware” will become “fluid-ware”. Lost extremities will not be manufactured from hi-tech alloys, but grown according to your specific genome. And with this, the chip – a piece of silicone and metal inside your brain will instead become your “second blood” – an army of nano-robots, inhabiting and having a symbiotic relationship with you: you get your “augmented reality”, they – energy, environment and sustenance. As they will be organic and all life is code – genetics – humankind will no longer need to “implant” anything – the nano-bots will be in-coded into your own DNA, so that when your baby is born, it has them already, just like it has latent cancer cells or the color of skin – a very own built-in computer, which is [inside] your blood and flesh. This will enable you to “see” web pages (if such a term will still exist then) right inside your eye – kind of like the jet pilots have a projection of all the vital information on the screen of their helmet, overlayed with the real life image. It will allow you to literally feel information in your fingertips and “sync” or “share” information with anyone by a mere touch. My WordPress posts will not even need to be “published”, because I will not have to type them; instead, I will think thoughts and they will automatically be “uploaded” “out there” with the speed of light, if I choose to.

With this our modification into cyborgs will be complete. I do not think there would be a huge dilemma about having computers integrated into your DNA, because after all, they are still gadgets, pretty bizarre at that, but still not living beings. It is not cloning people and then slaughtering them for organs (oh my goodness, even the sound of this is somewhat terrifying), but having your telephone inside your body, that’s all.. So no huge ethical dilemmas, I guess. What if the computer inside me goes wrong, though..? Cynical as it may sound, people die in car accidents every day, but we are still driving..

With all this, we will not become pure energy beings though. At least, I don’t think the way of technology is the right way towards that..

Now, what kind of architecture a cyborg like that will need and what all will the science – and the spirit – accomplish by then to make architecture different? Fun to think about it, isn’t it?

What happens to the world we live in, when the lights go out?

image from - Auto Zone: Cars News and Reviews

Now this is more like it – exactly what I am thinking about! (Check out the post “Where are the Breakthroughs!?“) Well done, Mercedes-Benz – at least one company has an ability to truly DREAM! An Organic car with exhaust of Oxygen… How cool is that?

This is what I see for architecture too. Not only me, though, have to acknowledge. But yes, this is it! – Future in the making. Way to go!

I’m buying one! When I’m 40…

Check it out! Mercedes-Benz BIOME Concept LA 2010