Everybody keeps criticizing Imam’s plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero, claiming, it will put a stigma on the face of a “Holy land” of the American nation.. But why, ladies ‘n gentlemen, aren’t we talking about building a church, or at least a chapel on Ground Zero then, if it’s “The Holy Land”?! At the moment it’s more of an “either a neo-capitalistic memorial-‘Holy land’, with an increased amount of shopping space, or a ‘radical’ Islamic mosque” type of an argument, which is unjust. If that’s so, I’d seriously question which one is better. But a mosque AND a Christian church could really kick-start a new dialog, everybody’s talking about. A real face to face dialog, although not too tension-free, I assume, but a dialog.. which could also hopefully produce an interesting architectural ensemble as a consequence.. Why not build a church AND a mosque, not behind corners, but on the best possible lot in the complex? Now that would be a signal! A dialog! What do you think?