With the growth of this blog, there emerged a certain category of entries that are more important or telling about my thinking, interests and views, and which, in my view, deserved a separate page. So I decided to gather them here. Let us call this page “Favorites” for now.


“Exposing the Data Center”

A synopsis of my Master of Architecture thesis and a few select images, illustrating both the thinking behind the project and the design itself.

What I’ve learned at OMA

Alright, you’ve gotten in. You’ve read all of books by OMA and about OMA. You’ve studied their projects and seen all the lectures by all the partners a dozen times. You think you know exactly “how it’s done”. You’re wrong… more

Playing games with Architecture

I feel there is a pressure on Architecture to morph ever more into a game. The rhetoric about “open-source architecture”, parametricism and the discourse on “designing tools, not buildings” are obvious examples of that trend. With this, I find, the authorship rights of an architect are shifting towards the authorship rights of a game developer… more

What is it about Holy places…?

If the data center is to become a cyborg’s holy place, what is the nature of holy places?

Walk the Oblique

…Leaving aside all the deep discussions on the Architecture’s ability to alter mind, describe culture, etc., which are all too much talked about, Architecture can make people act differently Spatially… more

The New York series

A series of posts in which I am discovering and trying to understand my favorite city.

Images, images, images!

Call me old-fashioned, but the next time you automatically grab your camera to snap another picture, think, whether you really want to do it… more

“The Renaissance Man” – an essay

When establishing the Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society (IDR) we had in mind all the big pro-university ideas: promoting interdisciplinary research, advancing science, multiplying the number of interdisciplinary funded projects, etc. However, when you look beyond all that, on a single human scale, the stakes are actually even higher. What is a byproduct of the IDR is a return of the so-called “Renaissance man”… more

Humans Love Space

Movies and certain commercials show us, just how much we crave different and exciting spaces.

The Paradox of the Big City

Big Cities offer an interesting paradox.

All my life I wanted to go to New York. It was this magical city of happiness, which people sing about and where movies are shot. You know how you hear the song “Empire State of Mind” and your heart fills with this unexplainable joy and longing to go and be there. You pack your bags, you buy a ticket and you go “to New York!” But what happens when you get there? You are in the city alright, but what’s next?.. more

Digital vs. Real

In reality – you travel towards an object, you walk around it, examine it. Real space itself is static, and it is your own movement that brings dynamism into it. In digital space, the object finds you. Not do you travel in space, but the space travels to and around you. Fake space. In the digital world there is no difference between “here” and “there”, “close” and “far”, because these categories just don’t apply… more

The Script or exploring the relation of Architecture and Programming

Discussing why programmers call themselves architects and why architects take up C++. An inquiry into the relation of today’s Architecture and Programming… more


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