Ivan Sergejev is an architect, Fulbright scholar, data center enthusiast and TEDx speaker, currently dividing his time between Estonia and the Netherlands.

Ivan has gained diverse professional experience in Europe and the United States, most notably at the world’s leading office for architecture and cultural analyses Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA*AMO) in New York City. During his Fulbright fellowship at the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design, Ivan co-founded the Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society – a US-based academic organization, devoted to promotion and recognition of interdisciplinary research. He is a winner of various awards and academic scholarships, has spoken and authored multiple publications related to architecture and design, and has held a number of teaching positions.

Most recently, Ivan held the position of symposium curator at the Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB), which took place in September 2015. Currently, he is preoccupied with developing Project Rhizome – a design start-up which aims to synergize the interests of internet infrastructure development with the creation of attractive urban environments.

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