May 2013

It’s amazing how instead of arrogance and feeling of superiority, this experience teaches me humblness and understanding.


It seems to me that a large pert of life is spent waiting. Waiting for that phone call, for a reply to an important e-mail, paperwork, for a project to go through all the administrative loops and start construction.. Patience is one of main virtues to have in life, I reckon.

I do have to say that it is very discouraging when one’s colleagues are unhappy about their “fate”.

Out of all the people I am working with currently, I think only a couple are actually happy about what they do and where they are. Remarks like “Shouldn’t have gone to architecture school” or “The dumbest decision I’ve ever made”, and the general attitude of regret and remorse about chosing this particular field make one wonder: am I being “dumb” just like them and doing something wrong with my life, or are they missing something?

Why are so many architects so unhappy, so poisonously sarcastic about their profession, and so fatalistic about their life? Low salaries, long hours, constant discouragement and pain of restrained creativity are obvious explanations, but still. Something seems wrong.