April 2012

I am finalizing my project for the Advanced Structures class, and it made me think about how stiff and sturdy building actually are. Take a look below for what I mean.

Old news, but still: in 2009 a 13-floor tall apartment building being built in Shanghai collapsed, killing one worker, after a team dug underneath it to put in a garage…

Or this demolition project in Turkey that went wrong:


A factory building turning over on its roof  like a wooden toy block.. I bet it would be so much fun to live in a place like that – not in a building that was designed as if it’s turned over on its head, but one that actually has.

In contrast to the above two, this is a footage of the Tokyo skyscrapers swaying all over the place during the March 2011 Japanese earthquakes.


Advanced Structures are a lot of fun! As long as you watch them on YouTube…


Don’t you find it ironic, how China Central Television shares its abbreviation with Closed Circuit Television – CCTV..?


CCTV Building by OMA/Rem Koolhaas in Beijing, China