It is the birthday of Mies van der Rohe today! Hooray!

What made it special, though, was the fact that of all the things that have happened today, Mies’s birthday was the one that got commemorated and put onto their doodle page by Google! When you type into your web-browser, you will see the image below:

When was the last time that a global Internet mogul celebrated an architect, or given him/her such a straight-forward public promotion/attention/recognition/whatever it is? Makes one wonder, how much architecture can really be appreciated and celebrated by the public. And in what ways.

And such a sneaky (and a bit cheesy, from the architectural point of view) way to work a Google logo into the cartoon-like picture: notice the “glass” of the facade painted in Google’s colors.


Happy Birthday, Mies! Thank you for keeping it up in the public domain in this digital age.