I am happy and grateful I am writing a book for my thesis! (along with coming up with a project)

Finally, I am getting a taste of the real complexity of the process of linear organization of different and sometimes vaguely related ideas into a coherent “story”. I used to think that coming up with ideas and putting them down in a controlled language was a challenge. Now I see that organizing them in a consistent fashion into a body that is “one”, “whole” and autonomous is a whole other universe!

I am also beginning to understand what Sanford Kwinter meant, when he told me that he was not interested in blogging – an accumulation of unrelated individual pieces of experience, spitted out at random; in contrast, he was interested and sensed the value in a hundred pieces of experience lived through and merged together into a “one”. Now I get it.

It’s funny how sometimes I lose myself among the lines while writing a longer blog post. Now – it is a book, and keeping up with myself, my thoughts and characters is HARD! Thus, since recently, I caught myself looking at books like “Godel Escher Bach” with a whole different understanding and a certain reverence…