It’s been bugging me for quite a bit and the more I get into it, the more interesting it becomes.

My thesis is: What is universally called “Good Design”, exists not for people; it exists for its own sake. (I know it’s an obvious statement for all of us people going to art and design schools. But should it be? – this is the question)

The more I look at design – be it architecture, graphics, web, or whatever – the more I see that design does not care about a person whom it is targeting as a “user”. Design cares about itself. Of cause, Design doesn’t just happen – it is created by someone. Design is someone’s own expression, which has nothing to do with who will become the object of that expression, that is, people. Design is an incarnation of an idea of its creator. Nothing else. And that idea, in the design world, is extremely rarely “a Human”. Human is not a part of design. It is a “program”, a number, a “flow”, a “particle”, an “agent” – anything, but Human.

I am not here to say that such design is bad. After all, Good Design IS pleasing to the eye. What I am trying to say is that Design does not want People. Design lives by itself and for itself. Design is design. We simply happen to use it. Is this the way it should be?