I had a “visionary” idea tonight:

Can you imagine, if Google applied its Earth’s “Street view” approach to the best museums in the world, so that you could walk around the most famed museums virtually and look at pieces on your own screen without actually going to the museum physically?! The museums would get reimbursed by the ads places sneakily on every page, and promoted by some sort of “Google Maps business-integration” system, where you have ads and reviews for businesses right there on the map. This way you personally don’t have to pay anything and can see Mona Lisa right on your HD LED-screen. Now how cool would that be?!

Guess what – Done! – the Google’s Art Project. A while ago, actually.. (Hence a lesson: always check for things, guess where –  in Google! – before you proudly claim that something is your own original idea, only to find later that it’s already been conceived, worked out and implemented!)

The “Art Project” makes me wonder, however:

How much more delirious can we get?

Now that Google has totally eradicated any (rational) necessity for (architectural) “site visits”, and even traveling, by their “Earth” platform, we don’t any longer have to go to museums neither!

Hip-hip hooray to the omni-encompassing Digital domain!

Are museums and galleries as an architectural typology, so beloved by show-off’y architects, bound for extinction? Why not! “What is art anyway and why does it need so much space, effort and resources to keep up? Digitize it all!”

… Right?