What is it about this city that keeps us so mesmerized?

And why is it so easy to forget where you are once you’ve been there for a bit? Not been, but lived rather. “Been” happens when you’ve traveled to a place, but never made it your home. “Lived” is when you did..

After a while even the view of Empire State becomes a wallpaper. Is it just me, or is it a common thing? I bet down in the Chinatown some have never seen the Empire State at all, and could not have cared less. At the same time, Donald Trump, I guess, does not think about the fact that he is in New York neither, except in some special cases.

So what is it in a city, in this particular one, that we are actually after?

It took me a long look at the panorama of the Midtown to remember that I am in city where everything happens. The stores I read about in the design magazines, sitting behind my desk at the office, are a couple of blocks away. Heck, I can actually see a couple of them from this window right here. Jay Z and De Niro have their apartments also just a couple of streets down the island. How do I know, Jay might be brushing his teeth in the very same moment that I am writing this!..

New York is not about the beauty. It’s never been. This city stinks, if you be true to yourself. But we’re still here.

It is about the ultimate urbanity of it – the (melting) Pot.

But how do you appreciate the City on a daily basis? Everyday life devours you and after a while, you might be anywhere – “a place with high buildings”.. New York seizes being New York and becomes… nothing really. Just becomes.. Home. I guess…