It’s interesting how, when entering New York, the whole space around you densifies.

Roads get thicker and more numerous to accommodate more cars. Industry gathers in yet bigger and bigger clusters. The aitrports manifest their presence with airplanes, which suddenly become visible and start generating patterns, by which the location of every individual airport can be pin-pointed. Yet more and more bridges and viaducts cross your way into the city, while their structures themselves become more and more robust, to efficiently carry the loads. Entering New York r reminds the scene from Matrix Revolution, when Neo and Trinity were approaching the city of the machines. Remember, how dence and charged everything around was? You get exactly the same feeling when you enter New York – electrified air.

The road winds up and down, left and right in all three dimensions, offering vistas of the glowing Metropolis. From far away Manhattan possesses a certain sublimity – the masses are so immense, it is hard to believe that the whole thing was built by-hand. The chrystaline city, just like it was described already a 100 years ago; a creation of Gods, like the ancient mesopotamians used to think of Ur.

After a short while you start spiraling down towards the entrance of the Lincoln tunnel: a constantly swallowing huge mouth of the city. In the tunnel, with all the artificial lighting, it’s still dark. Tunnel vision. You blindly drive forward; surrounded; not knowing what to expect. But in a bit you start seing the light.. And in an instant you’re back out again, in the sun, with vertical rocks of skyscraper walls rising towards the sky, in the heart of the greatest cities of them all.


New York!