You know what’s funny – those who do good, will always do good by themselves and they never need anything to assist them. Those who do interdisciplinary research don’t need any societies for that, because that’s just what they do and it comes naturally to them. Those who build sustainable buildings because they consider it to be common “good practice” (which is totally true) do not need any LEED’s or any other stuff of that kind, because they beat LEED standards by a million without any major consultancy. Those who do good architecture don’t need AIA… and so on.

Whom are those societies and policies developed for then? The crowd. The herd, I’d put it more precisely. (“Who is the herd?” one might ask. I’d leave this one open for now)

Those who are strong do not need help, they know what they are doing. Those who are week don’t need societies or policies anyway, because they participate in them in a dumb, brain-free manner, thus undermining those societies’ nominal value. The percentage of those who “change their faith”, that is, who don’t know something, start to participate and then really get down to knowing things, is remarkably small. I guess those are actually the ones whom societies and policies are for, but, gosh, it’s hard to motivate oneself with that only sometimes.