Actually, no, the name is wrong, it’s not about “The Social Network”, but about what came before it – namely, the trailers for other movies.. I don’t know if I’m right in my observations, but those trailers conversed with me in a completely different way now that I have lived in this country for a while..

First of all, of cause, there was half-an-hour of them.. More than enough and I’d even say that a bit of an  over-kill. However, yeah, you have to sell the film, don’t you – so it kinda makes sense.

But there was one trailer that opened my eyes. This one: the trailer introducing the new film with Nicolas Cage “Drive Angry” – the quintessence  of American popular culture! What do we see in this trailer? Chevy Camaro SS, a bunch of different barrels with some truly professional application, an aggressively sexy blond chick wearing jeans-shorts at the hood of a car, some soft parental feelings. What do we hear? “Hell”, “Devil’s Right-hand Man”, “Dead” and plenty of Rock n’ Roll.. An ideal incarnation  of American “New Western” culture! Makes even me want to shoot some guns (not allowed) and drive like crazy (never really happens) picking up that blond chick on the road (statistical possibility of such a catch – infinitely small). But how much cooler can you get?!