October 2010

Living in a different culture always changes your understanding of that culture. That is why if you go traveling to, e.g. India, for a week and stay in a hotel on Goa, you haven’t seen India. The same Goa can be found in the Caribbean, Africa, UAE or anywhere else. The same applies to visiting New York, running through all the museums in a couple of days and then bragging that you’ve been to New York. Sorry but no, you haven’t. Only an authentic experience of living somewhere is a true experience of an environment.

As for me, I am in the midst of that “experiencing” process right now.. (more…)


Forever Trapped Between Jacobs and Moses

Whatever an architect does, he always does it in space, in 3 dimensions, right?

Architecture is a spatial profession. Elevations and sections, etc. are only translations of space onto a 2D plane. The code, or script, I’ve writing about earlier – are only necessities for generating space. Or are they? May-be they actually are “the” architecture? (more…)

Source: http://reporter.blogs.com/.a/6a00d83451d69069e2012876af3e2e970c-pi

3D cinema

It is remarkable to observe an increasing desire for 3-dimensionality in technology. Nowadays everybody wants to be in 3D. In cinemas tickets are being sold out for 3D movies in times as fast as for conventional 2D movies.

What is it that makes the 3 dimensional space, even if it’s fake, so desirable? (more…)

Discussing why programmers call themselves architects and why architects take up C++. An inquiry into the relation of today’s Architecture and Programming.


I am an architect – by profession, way of thinking, architecture of my mind. When someone else takes the term “Architect” from the context and calls himself that, I ask a pretty legitimate question – why? For some reason, everybody wants to be an architect. There are architects of legislations, software architects and all other sorts of architects. In this essay I shall look specifically at the relation of software architects and architects. Why do they use the term and what does it mean when they acquire it? We shall also look at why the trend is mutual – more and more architects tend to become programmers – and what this trend means for architecture. (more…)

Facebook controls our life! Not only it, but any piece of communicational technology we own or become part of. As related to FB, yesterday evening I caught myself thinking of many of my relations in purely Facebook terms – status updates and comments! How terrible is that?!

People, come to your senses!

Actually, no, the name is wrong, it’s not about “The Social Network”, but about what came before it – namely, the trailers for other movies.. I don’t know if I’m right in my observations, but those trailers conversed with me in a completely different way now that I have lived in this country for a while..

First of all, of cause, there was half-an-hour of them.. More than enough and I’d even say that a bit of an  over-kill. However, yeah, you have to sell the film, don’t you – so it kinda makes sense.

But there was one trailer that opened my eyes. This one: the trailer introducing the new film with Nicolas Cage “Drive Angry” – the quintessence  of American popular culture! What do we see in this trailer? Chevy Camaro SS, a bunch of different barrels with some truly professional application, an aggressively sexy blond chick wearing jeans-shorts at the hood of a car, some soft parental feelings. What do we hear? “Hell”, “Devil’s Right-hand Man”, “Dead” and plenty of Rock n’ Roll.. An ideal incarnation  of American “New Western” culture! Makes even me want to shoot some guns (not allowed) and drive like crazy (never really happens) picking up that blond chick on the road (statistical possibility of such a catch – infinitely small). But how much cooler can you get?!